All’s Faire in Love

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All's FaireBe careful when you find a great deal on a DVD at a local discount store, because it might not be worth the $5 you plunked down for it. I took an interest in All’s Faire in Love for two reasons. I used to be in the SCA , and I like Christina Ricci’s work, ever since her days of The Addams Family and Casper. I could have skipped this one. It did have some good names in the cast, like Cedric the Entertainer, and Ann-Margaret. This little bit of fluff was sort of degrading to Cedric, especially compared to his performances in the Barbershop movies. As to Ann-Margaret, she’s pretty much been doing fluff since Bye Bye Birdie, but they are not the main characters in this… I guess it’s a romantic comedy.

In our story, Kate (Christina Ricci) has just ditched her opportunity to work with an investment banking firm to follow her dream to be Shakespearean actress. This leads to get a job at a summertime Renaissance Faire, where she will be working with her cousin, Jo (Louise Griffiths). Meanwhile, at some obscure college, the lead quarterback, Will (Owen Benjamin) needs his professor to sign off on all his absences so he can start for the team next season. Will has never shown up for any of Professor Shockworthy’s (Cedric the Entertainer) classes, and the professor believes the dumb jock needs to be taught a lesson. Prof. Shockworthy will sign off on the absences if Will agrees to work the summer Renaissance Faire for three weeks. So, Will reluctantly agrees, and soon he is dressed in tights and tunic and is working as a “fetchboy” for the nobles at the Faire. Kate is also working the Faire as a “fetchgirl”.

There are two factions of workers at the Faire, the nobles and the commoners, and at the end of the Faire, their is a talent contest, and whichever team wins, becomes the nobles at the next Faire. Will is working under Rusty Crockett (Matthew Lillard), the head of the commoner faction. When they meet, Rusty has a run in with a two “witches”. One witch, Mathilda (Nadine Velazquez) places a curse on him and his crotch, and much of Rusty and Will’s time at the Faire is spent trying break the curse. Before this, Will reports to the “queen” Mrs. Banks (Ann-Margaret), the Faire’s benefactress, and has a run in with a not-so-noble noble, Prince Rank (Chris Wylde), and from the beginning, Rank and his noble henchmen and the always tipsy Princess Jeannette (Sandra Taylor) are out to make a mockery of Will and come between him and Kate. Interestingly, Owen and Christina are hooked up IRL, but as to the pairs in this move, Jo and Crockett were much more convincing.

This movie may soon end up as a donation to my local library, because it had the potential to be so much better than it was. The leads were weak, but the support was strong, and even though the budget was low, it really looks it. Much can be done with a low budget, and it can become a really great movie, such as American Graffiti , but there was no George Lucas behind this movie, and it showed.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★☆☆☆