Aliens : This time there’s more.

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Aliens is a James Cameron film. This is the best alien films of all the Alien series. The one who is playing the main character is named Ellen Ripley and played in all four of the Alien movies and played in Avatar and is Sigourney Weaver. Carrie Henn played the little girl and little girl name is Newt. Lance Henriksen is playing the Robot and He was on Alien vs. Predator. This movie is all about a woman named Ellen Ripley having bad nightmares about a alien popping out of her chest.

So, now join a batch of solders are sent to kill the aliens once and for all. When the first time I watched this movie I said, “Wow!” That coolest movie I have ever seen. I like when the soldiers were shooting up all those aliens. I liked when Ripley was fighting the Queen Alien. I liked when she was shooting up the Queen’s egg sack, and I liked when she was burning up those eggs. Those eggs are pretty dangerous. This movie does not have predators in it. I know some people want to see predators fighting the aliens, but this is not Alien vs. Predator. This is Aliens, just Aliens. This movie was came out around ’86. So, it is a 80’s movie, but really good 80’s movie.

This movie takes place after the first alien film. Aliens take about 65 years later than the first alien film and it is about probably about 100 years after Prometheus. Prometheus is a stupid movie I hated but it part of Alien series. Aliens is one of the best Sci-if movie I ever seen and one of the best Alien films. This is one of the best James Cameron films but cannot beat Avatar. The Art Designer who made the Aliens was Gale Anne Hurd. Gale Anne Hurd did The Terminator and Aliens. You will see her sometimes at Comic Con and she was on Face/Off the other day.

In this movie, there was a guy named Carter want to let the aliens harvest Ripley, so he can the keep baby alien for experimentation. That what the Republicans want. They want to harvest the women and keep sending there babies to war. Well, that guy gets killed in this movie. The person who Carter was Paul Reiser. So if you haven’t seen any of James Cameron‘s films, start with Aliens. You will get spooked by this movie.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★★