Alien : In space no one can hear you scream

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The film that scared audiences and home viewers for years is also the first serious science fiction world from world renowned director Ridley Scott. It was ground breaking for its time and is still thrilling people even now. It is one of those iconic films that will stick in your hear forever. No one who has seen the film can forget the scene where the Alien first shows itself or when the facehugger first attached itself to crewman Kane (John Hurt) after they found the huge massive ship on the deserted planet. This film is attracting new viewers all the time.

The crew of the Nostromo has been awaken prematurely from stasis sleep to check on a distress signal that they encountered on their way back to Earth. The ship is a mining transport space craft and everyone on it just want to get back home and collect their earning from the company. They never say the name but you see Weyland-Yutani all over the place in the film. At first the crew doesn’t even know why they are stopping but one of them does or at least has knowledge of what is happening. Ash is new to the crew and the first time that the ships captain, Dallas (Tom Skerritt) has worked with him. Ash (Ian Holm) is the science officer but not like any that you have ever seen before as he is a synthetic. He is not a real person at all but an artificial life form that has been programed for one purpose, to bring back what ever is found on the planet. He will stop at nothing to make sure that it happens as it is in his programing.

Officer Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is the second in command on the ship and is trying to keep everyone working together and doing so without tearing each other’s throats out and make sure the ship stays intact. There is an immediate struggle for authority between her and Ash right from the start after Kane was attacked in the alien ship. Ash trying to follow his mandated programing overrode the ships systems to allow the crew members back on board instead of waiting for the quarantine procedures to take place. He knew that what was growing in Kane’s chest would not wait that long to be born. He had to get them in and just opened the door, the crew was not important, only the life form that was about to be born.

The most annoying member of the crew, Lambert (Veronica Cartwright), was a whiny self centered woman that complained about anything and everything, even the obvious. You almost are happy when she is offed by the alien and kind of smile when she is covered in Kane’s blood when the Alien is born. There really is no other way to describe the introduction of the little bugger except being born. Sure you could say that it popped out of a chest or spasmed its way out but it was still born of the seed that was implanted by the facehugger early on. It is the way that they reproduce, but you never know how the eggs are made till films later. It is that one scene as the crew is eating a meal of spaghetti when it all happens. Kane starts to choke, then cough and that having seizures. While Parker (Yaphet Kotto), Brett (Harry Dean Stanton) and the rest of the male crew tries to hold him down you hear the bones break and hear the flesh tear as the new life is bursting its way up and out of Kane. So startling is the sight that everyone just stars at it as it escapes down the hall.

This is classic science fiction at its best. No CGI or fancy computer graphics. This film was made in the way of all great films with sets, models and clever tricks to make the audience see what the director wanted. It shows just how good a film really can be without having it all made right inside the computer. This film, the Star Trek franchise and the Star Wars sagas are what made sci-fi what it is today and no one is ever going to forget them.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆ 

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