Alex Rider Operation Stormbreaker (2006)

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Alex is a normal 14 year old with normal feelings and normal desires, at least he thought he was normal. When waiting for his uncle to come home he finds out that he has died on the way home. He is mad, confused and starts to piece it all together that his uncle is or rather was actually a spy. All he now has is a thought and his friend Jack to get him by as he is is forced to become a secret agent and embarks on a wild action packed thrilling adventure.

While his uncle is away on business Alex is cared for by Jack Starbright, an American that came over 7 years before the time in the film. She is both friend, house sitter, maid and nanny, though with the way that Alex was conditioned by his uncle Ian Rider, portrayed by Ewan McGregor, he doesn’t need one. Based on the original novel in the best-selling Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz this film stars the talents of Alex Pettyfer, Mickey Rourke, Sophie Okonedo, Sarah Bolger and Robbie Coltrane as the Prime Minister. Directed by Geoffrey Sax, this film is a high action adventure story that the whole family will be able to enjoy together.

The Nintendo DS made its film debut in this film as a multipurpose gadget to keep Alex out of danger. In the film it is modified so that it can run specialized software so that Alex can keep in touch with MI-6. It had a cartridge for detecting bugs, electronic surveillance devices; a cartridge to listen in on conversations up to 250 meters away even through walls and an office app type cartridge to send messages back to base. To make it less suspicious they gave him a cartridge for Mario Kart so he would have something to play with on the plane. Kids would love to have a DS like this, we as parents are very happy those mods and apps never made it to market *wink*.

This film will never get old no matter what your age might be. Think of this film as possibly being a young James Bond film as it has all the qualities those films have. The world is in danger and MI-6 needs someone to come in and save the day. We have evil villains, government getting in the way, woman that want to take care of Alex and women that just want Alex. In a way this film is better then Bond as it doesn’t have all of the adult overtones and pressures that we see in those films. If you want to be entertained with explosions, intrigue, adventure and just plain fun then Alex Rider Operation Stormbreaker is the perfect movie for you.

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