Addams Family Values : Creepier. Kookier. Spookier. Ookier.

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When we last left the Addams house, Gomez (Raul Julia) and long lost brother Fester (Christopher Lloyd) had been reunited, and the dark, lovely Morticia (Anjelica Huston) announced that she was going to have a baby. Several months have passed, and now there is to be a new addition to the kooky clan, Pubert Addams (played by twins Kaitlyn and Kristen Hooper). Now, Thing (Christopher Hart), Lurch (Carel Struycken), and Granny (Carol Kane) are doing their best with a little tyke underfoot, and the kids, Wednesday (Christina Ricci), and Pugsley (Jimmy Workman) are coming up with all kinds of creative ways to get rid of the little brat. This is far too much for Morticia to handle on her own, so Gomez does well by his “Cara Mia”, and attempts to hire a nanny to watch over all three kids.

The hiring process is hardly anything like that in Mary Poppins, but soon they settle on Debbie Jellinsky (Joan Cusack), a woman just as twisted and as weird as the Addamses are, but her darkness is far more evil and devious than anything the Addams have even come close to. While they live an odd, gothic sort of life, Debbie is actually a Black Widow, a woman whom marries rich men, then kills them for their fortunes. This time her target is Fester, and soon, she finds that she is actually going to have to work a little bit to get at this man’s money. She’ll actually have to change diapers and take Pubert out for walks, and try to keep the other kids busy while she spins her new web. That is where everything changes.

Debby is going to get the kids out of the way by sending them to summer camp, and then she can work on getting to Fester. What Debby does not count on is exactly how odd Fester and his clan are. Once the kids are out of the way, she manages to date Fester for a while, and before they know it, they are jetting off to Maui for a honeymoon. Here, several botched attempts are made on Fester’s life, and heavens forbid, Debby might actually have to perform her wifely duties with Fester.

Meanwhile at the WASP-y Camp Chippewa, the blond, beautiful, and bland are going to get a lesson in life from Wednesday, Pugsley, and their new friend, the overly allergic and neurotic Joel Glicker (David Krumholtz), and all the other kids that don’t fit into the Camp Chippewa perpetually perky mode designed by camp owners Gary Granger (Peter MacNicol) and his wife Becky Martin-Granger (Christine Baranski), and when it comes time for the camp to impress the parents with a gala, the dark trio turns the tables on these perfect people in a way so many of us in real life want to.

When Debby and Fester return, Debby still never gives up on her intention of getting to Fester’s money, and still tries to kill him. They are living in a big brick house filled with gold and white, and so the opposite of everything Fester is used to. All the Addamses have their suspicions about Debby, and it’s going to come together in a bang worthy of The Addams Family.

This movie came out not long after the original, and it is just as entertaining as the first one. The kids are wiser and more devious, Granny and Fester are crazier, and Gomez and Morticia cannot seem to get enough of each other. They seem life a pretty fun family, and I would love to be invited to one of their family reunions, even if they are fictional.

Even though Samhain is over, and the really scary holiday of Election Day is right around the corner, you can get your fix for spook, kooky, ookiness any time of the year with these characters. It’s been nearly twenty years since they were on the big screen. I do hope that if their is an Addams reboot, like J.J. Abrams did Star Trek, that it will be just as much fun.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆