Aaron Crane: Paintings Come Alive

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

I caught into these “Crane” games on the second sequel, so it seems, but usually when casual gaming companies do sequels, they tend to get better that the games that came before them. Not the case with Aaron Crane: Paintings Come Alive. There are two other games that come before this one dealing with an artist, Dominic Crane, and eventually I will get to his story, but this is Aaron’s game. Aaron is Dominic’s son, and this kid has to find his father through a series of his father’s work that have become like something out of What Dreams May Come or worse, Stephen King’s Rose Madder.

While we do have the typical runaround in this game that often comes with hidden object mysteries and their companion logic puzzles, the graphics and sound and some of the silly characters really make this game lame. I’ve played some Nevosoft games, and some are really fun and cute, like The Microbie Story, but if this is an example of their HOM’s, they would be left uncoded in their workshop in St. Petersburg, and some new storyboards should be drawn up. I will give the other games a shot, but as for now, I’ll be leaving the Crane boys alone. When gems look like jello molds, it’s time for the art department to step up their game.