A Vampire Tale

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

While I do like a game set with a different point of view from what we are used to, as a young Frenchwoman in 1928 searching for her father in the spooky wilds of Romania, this game was a bit too quiet, and too dark, literally. It was very hard to see some items as they were barely noticeable in the backgrounds filled junks that we had to sift through, as in most any hidden object mystery. The minigame logic puzzles where not as difficult as I have seen in other games like these.

Even though the game is supposed to have an eerie quality to it, there was not really anything scary about it. I did find it challenging to try to stay awake, but thanks to a nice batch of rump-shaking LMFAO tracks, my own background music was sufficient, since the game was lacking. I’m not sure if the devs intended for us to listen to upbeat dance music while running around this dark, musty castle, but if you must have A Vampire Tale, break out your MP3 player. This game is really lackluster, and with all those various vampire HOMs out there, I’m sure you will find one far more exciting than this one. Give Love & Death:Bitten a try for your plasma fix. You’ll find it to be a far more satisfying experience.