A Goofy Movie : It’s hard to be cool, when your dad’s Goofy.

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This is one of the cutest Disney Movies based on classic characters, and even though it has a modern day setting, it keeps with the classical musical formulae that makes these movies so great. I never tire of them, and will most likely be enjoying this mid-90s movie till the end of my days. Now I’ll tell you why it’s so great.

It’s the last day of school, and the last day when Max (Jason Marsden) can tell his crush, the pretty redheaded Roxanne (Kellie Martin), how he feels about her. He and his friends, P.J. Pete (Rob Paulsen) and Robert ‘Bobby’ Zimmeruski (Pauly Shore) have set up an elaborate show to gain Roxanne’s attention, and it is due to go off during the end of the year assembly in the school auditorium. While Principal Mazur (Wallace Shawn) is delivering his very boring speech, the lights go out, and some great music cues up. Behind the screen, we see Max dressed up as the pop star, Powerline (Tevin Campbell), lip synching his heart out to Roxanne. The students perk up, and everyone gets into the impromptu party atmosphere until there is a snag, and Max’s setup falls apart. The three boys are sent to the principal’s office, and the uptight official is ready to read them the riot act, but before Max is sent in, he runs into Roxanne and her best friend, the green nerd-girl, Stacey (Jenna von Oÿ). Stacey knows that Max and Roxanne are attracted to each other, and lets them have some time to themselves. Stacey is having a end of school party at her house this weekend, and they are all going to watch the Powerline concert on her big screen TV. Max takes this opportunity to make a date with Roxanne, and she accepts. Max forgets all about the fact that he is in trouble, and does the mambo with Miss Marples (Jo Anne Worley), the school secretary around the office, until Mr. Doom and Gloom comes to collect him.

While Max was making his date, Mr. Mazur was talking with Goofy (Bill Farmer) on the phone about how Max has become a disruptive influence, and that he might take up crime in the future if Goofy doesn’t set his son straight. Goofy is rather gullible, and thinks he needs to do something quick before Max lands in jail, never mind that Mr. Mazur has a way of exaggerating things when it comes to discipline. Pete (Jim Cummings) and Goofy are working at a department store photo shop when he gets the call. Goofy is not the strictest father, and he tends to be all thumbs and pretty clumsy when dealing with his kid, but he and Max always seemed to get along fine. Pete tells him that he needs to put his foot down and keep Max under his thumb if he wants to gain Max’s respect. After getting the call, Goofy decides that some father-son time away from town is needed, and he packs up the car for a fishing trip in Idaho.

When Max gets home, he finds that Goofy is ready to leave the house immediately, and never gets a chance to tell Goofy about his date, or the party. As they are leaving town, Max makes Goofy stop at Roxanne’s house so he can break the date. He tells Roxanne that they are going to the Powerline concert in L.A., and that Goofy used to be in Powerline’s band. What happens after this becomes a huge comedy of errors only Goofy can come up with. From a highway singalong, in which even MJ shows up to, to being carjacked by Bigfoot (Frank Welker), the crazy experiences never seem to end. They have encounters with Pete and P.J. along the way, in which Pete is always attempting to shell out some of his “fatherly wisdom” to Goofy. Goofy doesn’t realise that his little boy is growing up, and once he lets loose a bit, they end up having the best vacation ever.

Road trip movies are usually pretty fun, and just about everyone has had something in common with most of the characters in such movies. A Goofy Movie is really not much of an exception, if you take out the musical aspect. This is a movie that can be watched often and we never really tire of it. It’s a cute coming of age story set with characters we have grown to love and even hate over the decades. So spend some time giggling with your kids soon and watch A Goofy Movie.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆ 

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