A change needed in America Now

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There is a new candidate that is out there trying to get support for their run for president of these supposed United States. His name is Buddy Roemer and he is running as a Reform Candidate as well as that of Americans Elect. He is trying to get support without getting money from Super PACs and wont allow anyone to donate more then $100 dollars to his campaign. He wants to make a change in Washington and get the corporate lobbyists out. He wants to be the American President that is chosen by the people and not by some super committees or bought out election process.

Take a look at what he is saying:

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It is people like this that need to be running, not just those with big corporate connection or people who don’t even know what it means to put in an hosest days work. I know what it means to work for a living which is why I, William Cleave Drummond II am running for US House Representatives in my stats Congressional District in which I live.

Every person that is fed up with the way our government is being run should get out there and either support someone that you believe in or take the initiative and run yourself. This nation was founded on self rule and it was not founded on a few corporations or media groups dictating what the rest of the population should do. To just let them do that is tell the world that we just don’t care about our government or our nation. It tells them that we don’t care that our soldiers, our neighbors and our family members that have died in wars actually died for nothing at all. Corporations are not the ones we should protect it is the people of America that we should protect.

We are a nation of individuals with individual tastes and likes but we are also a community. To say otherwise is saying that we just don’t give a damned about our nation and our families. I can tell you one thing, I care about what is happening to our nation and you should as well. We should be fixing our broken down roads, we should be making sure our children are well educated, we should be making sure that our war heros and our elderly are well taken care of. Every Republican front runner for the president is so far out of touch that they don’t even know what an American Citizen is. You have one who thinks corporations are people, you have another that thinks birth control is something that should be illegal, you have another that just floats around what ever way the wind blows or the current flows that is taking money just from one person.

Do we want any of those to be our next president? Do we want one of those in control of our nations military and with just one word could nuke the hell out of any nation on the earth including our own? Do we want any of thsoe misinforming control corporate or religious zealots telling us what to do?” I know I sure don’t and neither should you. Start thinking for yourself and just don’t believe anything they say till you can actually verify it for yourself. Make them regret every word they say as they float back and forth trying to say just the right thing to get your vote.

Make them be YOUR public servant and not the servant of the media or the corporations. It is time to take back America and the way to get that started is if you make sure they are all held accountable to us, the American People. Remember, the Constitution says “We the people” and not we the corporations. Remember that every time you hear them speak. It is our government and not theirs and it is time that we take it back.