9: The Dark Side Collector’s Edition

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

This hidden object mystery/logic puzzle game has pretty much the same game setup as most games similar to it, but the plot line and story are pretty much what kept me going. In 9: The Dark Side Collector’s Edition, we are drawn into a magical war that has been going on since the days just after the Black Plague. Set in the city of Prague, this game has a very Olde World feel to it, and is quite enjoyable to those whom like European history.

The only downside I had was with the sound issues. The background music is low, so it is not much of a distraction, but when interacting with the ghosts of the 9 knights whom have been set to guard an enchanted artifact that might bring on an evil destruction of the city, and possibly, the planet. The sound goes very stiff and almost robotic. The voice actors were definitely not of the Vancouver/Toronto caliber that we are used to hearing in many of our favourite cartoons and anime translations these days, but the developers could have had them take several recordings to give it a more natural sound. That as my only complaint with the game. Some logic puzzles might take some extra time to figure out, but the hidden object puzzles were bright and items were easy to find, and kept with the flow of the story.

As this was 9: The Dark Side Collector’s Edition, there is instant access to a strategy guide if we get stuck, and in casual mode, there are clues that help us find what we are looking for more quickly. This game has some light horror elements to it, in dealing with ghosts and phantoms, but never any blood or gore, or even any creepy spider swarms, like Vampire Saga – Welcome To Hell Lock had. It is a fun mystery that will keep you giving into your curiosity to find the artifact and save Prague. If you like a different kind of ghost story, check out the 9.