8+ reasons to avoid HFCS and other altered corn sugars

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We know it’s bad for us, and reading labels can only take you so far. Even now the labels are being altered, more so than the sticky goo itself, so those of us who knew what to look for don’t even see it. I made mention of the tricky labels in an earlier post. Today, courtesy of http://www.3fatchicks.com/, I bring you the reasons why we should boycott this nasty syrup, and why the European Union outlawed it years ago.

Reason #1: Increase in Bad (LDL) Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Typically, over-consuming sugar will result in metabolic hindrances. High fructose corn syrup causes a major increase in insulin and leptin resistance, two key factors that help metabolize food into energy. Your body will encounter increased levels of bad cholesterol because the metabolized sugar turns to fat, in turn elevating triglyceride levels, also known as fat storages.

Reason #2: Risk of Heart Attack and Heart Disease

Consuming large quantities of HFCS will lead to worsened cholesterol levels in that the bad cholesterol will continue to heighten and the good will fall. As an outcome, arteries get damaged or blocked and the natural flow of blood to and away from the heart decreases. This diminishing cycle damages the muscles within the heart and forces them to work much harder. Oxygen circulation becomes limited, and you will not have the ability to perform lengthy exercise or physical activity without losing breath and muscle energy.

Reason #3: Anemia Variations
Since high fructose corn syrup does not contain any sort of nutrients other than sugary carbohydrates, the sweetener depletes storages of other valuable vitamins and minerals in order to fully digest and metabolize within your body.

Reason #4: Poor Immunity
Tied in with the third negative effect, high fructose corn syrup also decreases the levels of helpful bacteria fighting enzymes within your body. These valuable and rare hormones work to protect you against several forms of simple and more serious illnesses.

Reason #5: Empty Calories
High fructose corn syrup will provide extra calories to your diet with no added benefit. Think of the altered sugar as strictly a form of calories and nothing more. Although food sources packed with HFCS leave you feeling full some of the time, that fullness will not give your body any nutrients at all. This poses a problem to many individuals looking for nutritionally dense foods, especially when counting calories.

Reason #6: Increases the Risk of Diabetes
Many sugars including high fructose corn syrup cause large spikes in the secretion of insulin. The overworking pancreas often leads to some form of damage, regularly causing diabetes in both males and females.

Reason #7: Tooth Damage
Sugars like HFCS that get stuck between teeth or remain on their enamel surfaces rot and deteriorate their structure. In most cases, cavities directly happen as a result of the overconsumption of sugary foods and the lack of proper teeth cleaning. The risk of getting tooth damage, especially cavities, greatly increases through eating a diet containing high fructose corn syrup and other sweeteners.

Reason #8: A Combination Leading to Obesity
As mentioned before, high fructose corn syrup does not trigger your body to produce either insulin or leptin. These two crucial and naturally occurring substances in the body help regulate metabolism and appetite or hunger control.

These are the reason given to us at http://www.3fatchicks.com/8-reasons-high-fructose-corn-syrup-is-bad-for-you/, but there is more

HFCS stops the creation of Leptin, the hormone which is responsible for telling us when our bodies have taken in enough food. If your body does not know when it is satisfied, you will continue eating. Many fast food places have HFCS and dextrose in many of their products, and encourage super-sizing to enhance sales. There are healthy options at many places. Look to the websites of these places to find out which products they offer to avoid the altered corn sugars.

HFCS also depletes the body of copper, a necessary mineral that aids in the healing process. Many natural fruits and vegetables, and even some animal proteins like calf liver are very high in copper content. There are other minerals that have also been depleted by this sweet poison as well, like magnesium and chromium, which regulate metobolism. In short, HFCS is doing it’s best to shut down your pancreas’ ability to produce the hormones that keep your blood sugar balanced and stop you from eating too much.

Fructose in moderation is fine, so long as it comes directly from the fruit. Indulge in your fruity daquiris and natural fruit juices, because they supply many other nutrients to fight the damage altered corn sugars have cause. In fact, indulging in a beer is better for you than indulging in a soda, unless it’s a cane or beet sugar-sweetened soda.

There are so many tangents I can on on about this sticky goo, and all its toxic manufactured family members, but I think it’s time to close. Feel free to spead the message in your own fashion so North America can enjoy the flavour of real food again.