4 Elements II

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

This is the second game in the 4 Elements series. I had tried the first one a very long time ago, but have not played it since, so Musings does not have a review for it yet. I do remember all these magical elements in the game, but not the old wizard or the elemental fairies that play along with you to be your guide. There are other little logic puzzles inside the Match 3 boards that keep the magical goo, if that is what that silvery liquid stuff is, flowing.

In 4 Elements II, you meet with an old wizard that has weakened and is about at his wit’s end in trying to save his magical realm. The only allies he has left with sight are the elemental fairies of air, water, fire, and earth. You start out with a task from the air fairy, in which you must find the parts to repair a well to get the parts of of a crystal to open up that part of the magical guidebook to help you hunt down the various air creatures that will aid in helping to bring magic back to the realm. The the real challenge starts. You go through many grueling flow puzzles filled with many different coloured runestones, and the more you take out a certain coloured block of stones, the quicker you can gain access to little tools to help you get through the puzzle board faster. There are also tools built into the puzzle boards themselves that will speed things along for you, as well.

At the end of each round, you get a little closer to finding the creatures and magic folk that will aid you, and you have one final puzzle in the guidebook to finish before going on to find the next creature. The puzzles in the book are not Match 3, but they could be anything from hidden objects, or find the differences. This keeps the game fresh, but the music score they gave this game is a bit too relaxing, you might find the biggest challenge in playing 4 Elements II might be staying awake. This factor can really be a challenge if you have a sleeping pet in your arms or on your chest while you play. A more upbeat score would have made the sound aspect of this game much better.