4 Elements

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

After such a successful in the review of 4 Elements II , I thought it would be good to go back to the original and give it a try. I was not quite as impressed by this one. The music was still too slow and relaxing, and there was a little red-haired fairy guide who took you through the game step by step, which really became distracting after awhile. Once you get the knack of the game, following the magical green goo to the end of each maze gets easier. There are lots of tools along the way that break through barriers in 4 Elements, and once that fairy gets out the way, it becomes easier to get to them. The graphics are stunning, and the player can tell much detail was put into them. Clearly, someone on the staff at the dev company took acrylic to canvas when they were putting together the elemental cards you needed to find in each of the books.

4 Elements played pretty basic, and was lots of fun, but there are many more Match 3 maze games out there to try, and some I have found to be far more exciting and addictive. 4 Elements main flaw was that annoying little redhead. As cute as she was, she became more like a bug flying around on your screen you wanted to squash just so you could continue the game in peace. Yes! I know what the spade does! Yes, I know what the bomb does! Yes, I know how to work the swap-out, just let me be! The second game in the series was superior, but if you are one for collecting Match 3 games, then make sure you add this one to the set. The artwork is worth it.