The Wizard (1989) It’s more than a game…

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The Wizard 1989 Movie PosterIt’s the chance of a lifetime, as the poster says. It is also true for this film about 3 youths that are on a quest to get to Video Armageddon so that they can win $50,000 dollars. The film is more than just that, as most films from the 80’s, it is about the growth of friendships, dealing with heartache and loss as well. This film comes from a time where everything happening was new and people actually reveled in having fun. The gaming industry was young and everything 8 bit was the coolest thing under the sun. The film also gave a big boost to Nintendo and Super Mario Bros. 3, that was released after the move showed in the States. In all it was a fun film for kids and the parents that wondered what their children were doing all the time on that grey box hooked up to the TV.

Bella Design

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bella design feature
Gameplay:starstarstarblank starblank star 
Graphics:starstarstarblank starblank star 
Sound:starstarstarblank starblank star 
Value:starstarstarstarblank star 
Fun Factor:starstarstarstarstar 
Overall:starstarstarhalf starblank star 

While Bella Design is pretty mediocre as far as sight and sound goes, it rocks on the fun factor, because you get so caught up in taking care of everyone from farm fashionistas to high-maintenance Hollywood glam celebs. You just want to keep going on with the storyline because you never know what will happen next.

While the regular gameplay is similar or other fashion time management games, the places you run the business at are not. You start in a country farming community, selling lots of Western wear. The pattern runs somewhat similar to other games at first. Move the customer to fittings, then accessories, then cash out, etc., lather, rinse, repeat. Every few levels, though, the game throws a little surprise at you, and there is a sale on at Bella’s Boutique. This is a fast dash for cash, but it really breaks up the monotony of the somewhat repetitive levels. Also, when you do switch areas, the game changes a little bit, so it never really gets boring. Hence the good value and fun factor scores. If you are wanting a fun fashion game, then Bella Design fits perfectly!

Farm Frenzy 2

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farm frenzy 2 feature
Gameplay:starstarblank starblank starblank star 
Graphics:starstarstarblank starblank star 
Sound:starblank starblank starblank starblank star 
Value:half starblank starblank starblank starblank star 
Fun Factor:starblank starblank starblank starblank star 
Overall:starhalf starblank starblank starblank star 

Alawar Games gave this game the wrong title. It should be called Farming Frustration, and it is exactly that! After trying this game out again, I remembered why I can’t stand the Alawar Games Farm Frenzy series. The challenges are unrealistic, and the goal they set for each level are pretty much impossible when you have crap to work with and there is some kind of loud, destructive bear squad attempting to destroy everything you’ve worked for on that level. I did not get very far along in this game, but I don’t think I could stand to have it wasting space on my machine for more than thirty minutes. I could stand so much chicken chasing, water trough filling, powdered egg manufacturing, and panda bear chasing! Let’s not even go there with that tiny transport thing they call a truck with a hamster wheel for an engine!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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Modern Warfare 2 big icon by Mustkunstn1k
Gameplay:starstarstarstarblank star 
Fun Factor:starstarstarstarblank star 
Overall:starstarstarstarhalf star 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is what you see in action movies today. In this game, the Russians attack the United States of America and Makarov wants revenge for Zakhaev’s death. When I’m playing this game, this reminds me of Red Dawn. The 1984 film, not the one with Chris Hemsworth. It also reminds me of White House Down, because the battlefield is set in Washington D.C.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption

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vampire the masquerade redemption 1078374
Graphics:starstarstarstarblank star 
Sound:starstarstarblank starblank star 
Value:starstarstarblank starblank star 
Fun Factor:starstarblank starblank starblank star 
Overall:starstarstarhalf starblank star 

Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption is a pretty good game. This game is an Activision product, but this game was done before COD got popular. This game is like an RPG and horror game. So, it is almost like Castlevania. The storyline was kind of boring, but the multi-player mode was pretty good.

The storyline is all about Christof Romauld, a Crusader knight that fell in love with a priestess named Anezka. He helped people in town and a priest of the Church of God. One night, he ran into vampire woman, and her jaw got rotting off, and he was bitten by her. I haven’t played the story all that much because it was boring as hell. I have played the multi-player one, and it was better than the story in this game. Multi-player wasn’t as boring as single-player was.