South Park: Bigger,Longer & Uncut (1999)

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south parkSouth Park: Bigger,Longer & Uncut (1999) is funny and stupid film. This movie is about Stan, Kenny, Kyle and Cartman as they head to the local movie theater to see the new film, Terrance and Phillip, but when they get there, they are refused to see the film because it was rated R by the MPAA, so they pay a homeless man to accompany them. The boys learn obscene phrases from the movie which makes the other kids in town want to see the movie. The kids were cursing in class, so they are sent to see Counselor Mackey who informs their mothers.

Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery

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nightfall an edgar allan poe mystery feature
Gameplay:starstarstarblank starblank star 
Sound:starstarstarblank starblank star 
Value:starstarstarstarblank star 
Fun Factor:starstarstarstarstar 
Overall:starstarstarstarquarter star 

Another Free to Play game comes to us, and this time it is from ERS Games Studios, the Cadillac of HMO-style games. They have brought us many hours of mysteries through the tales of Edgar Allan Poe, and yet again we are working with C. Auguste Dupin, a young Parisian detective, and his crew. Our work is cut out for us, too, because you never know where things might be or whom might be controlling them. There are many Poe games and the one constant is Dupin, but we really don’t see much of him as we are running around mid-19th Century Paris working our own cases, getting to know everyone from the local laundress to the chef at everyone’s favourite cafe. We even help out the crew of various dirigibles and hot air balloons that work their way over the city. We are not much a detective as the go to girl/guy for everyone, not unlike Dolly Levi. All kinds of people are looking for us to help them solve various cases, from the original Murder in the Rue Morgue to chasing down mummies, werewolves and escaped convicts. All this work does cost energy, and there are various ways to get it. Resting, as in not playing the game for a few hours. Eating, consuming pixelated noms and drinks to give you a boost, or working towards the rewards that will also give you those boosts.

South Park: The Video Game

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Southpark video game cover 1
Gameplay:starstarstarstarblank star 
Graphics:starstarstarblank starblank star 
Sound:starstarstarblank starblank star 
Value:starstarblank starblank starblank star 
Fun Factor:starstarstarstarblank star 
Overall:starstarstarquarter starblank star 

South Park: The Video Game for the N64 is a funny game and this game is too easy. The storyline in this game is about a mysterious comet approaching the earth, described by the opening narration as a force of concentrated evil so bad that no force of good can stand against it. As it comes closer, South Park is beset by enemies, including rabid mutant turkeys, deformed clones of the townsfolk, alien visitors, berserk robots, and sentient killer toys.

Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny hear about the dangers from Chef, and take up arms to investigate their sources and defend the town. This game is alright. Some people said, this game sucks. But for me, it’s OK. It is a good game and a funny game. The graphics in this game is OK for N64, not the PSone. The PSone version looks really bad. The PSone version looks like Gameboy Advance graphics and sounds like it, too. It’s cool to see Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny in real 3-D gaming. The gameplay runs like Turok 2.

Noah (2014) The End Of The World Is Just The Beginning

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Noah 2014 Movie PosterWe all know the story of Noah, at least any and all that have even heard about the bible. Even those that have not know many of the great flood stories that are all around the world. They all have a very common theme of a man, his wife and a few children saving the world from massive flood waters. How do they save the world? They save it by building an ark for themselves and all the animals that they can find so that something will remain. This version of Noah is no different except it has biblical threads woven in and around it. That is what makes it so controversial, it is based on the biblical story.


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halo combat evolved
Fun Factor:starstarstarstarstar 

Halo: Combat Evolved was first XBOX game I had ever played. I was 10 when I started playing this game. When I stayed the night friend’s place, we played this game like crazy. After we ate dinner, we went and played Halo. We played this game until 8 o’ clock in morning. This game made me want a XBOX so bad. I begged my momma to get met a XBOX, but she said no.

When we played this game, we played some story, but mostly, we play the multi-players. All four of us were playing it like crazy. We always play capture the flag and death battle. When the first time I played this game, I wasn’t good at it. I was used the PlayStation. When I got used to the controls, I was getting into the game.

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