Farm Frenzy 2

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Gameplay:starstarblank starblank starblank star 
Graphics:starstarstarblank starblank star 
Sound:starblank starblank starblank starblank star 
Value:half starblank starblank starblank starblank star 
Fun Factor:starblank starblank starblank starblank star 
Overall:starhalf starblank starblank starblank star 

Alawar Games gave this game the wrong title. It should be called Farming Frustration, and it is exactly that! After trying this game out again, I remembered why I can’t stand the Alawar Games Farm Frenzy series. The challenges are unrealistic, and the goal they set for each level are pretty much impossible when you have crap to work with and there is some kind of loud, destructive bear squad attempting to destroy everything you’ve worked for on that level. I did not get very far along in this game, but I don’t think I could stand to have it wasting space on my machine for more than thirty minutes. I could stand so much chicken chasing, water trough filling, powdered egg manufacturing, and panda bear chasing! Let’s not even go there with that tiny transport thing they call a truck with a hamster wheel for an engine!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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Gameplay:starstarstarstarblank star 
Fun Factor:starstarstarstarblank star 
Overall:starstarstarstarhalf star 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is what you see in action movies today. In this game, the Russians attack the United States of America and Makarov wants revenge for Zakhaev’s death. When I’m playing this game, this reminds me of Red Dawn. The 1984 film, not the one with Chris Hemsworth. It also reminds me of White House Down, because the battlefield is set in Washington D.C.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption

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Graphics:starstarstarstarblank star 
Sound:starstarstarblank starblank star 
Value:starstarstarblank starblank star 
Fun Factor:starstarblank starblank starblank star 
Overall:starstarstarhalf starblank star 

Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption is a pretty good game. This game is an Activision product, but this game was done before COD got popular. This game is like an RPG and horror game. So, it is almost like Castlevania. The storyline was kind of boring, but the multi-player mode was pretty good.

The storyline is all about Christof Romauld, a Crusader knight that fell in love with a priestess named Anezka. He helped people in town and a priest of the Church of God. One night, he ran into vampire woman, and her jaw got rotting off, and he was bitten by her. I haven’t played the story all that much because it was boring as hell. I have played the multi-player one, and it was better than the story in this game. Multi-player wasn’t as boring as single-player was.

Monsters vs. Aliens: Supersonic Joyride

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Monsters vs Aliens Supersonic Joyride DVD CoverIf you were lucky enough to see the original Monsters Vs. Aliens animated movie a few years ago, then you are in for a treat when you check out the TV series. Some things have changed since then. There are new aliens, Insectosaurus is no longer with the team, and Ginormica/Susan Murphy can control her size. Dr. Cockroach (Chris O’Dowd), Susan (Riki Lindhome), The Link(Deidrich Bader), and B.O.B.(Eric Edelstein) are still living over at Area 50-something under the command of General W. R. Monger( Kevin Michael Richardson).

Since the invasion of Gallaxhar, some new aliens have shown up. Some evil, some cute, and some just confused. There is the evil Coverton (Jeff Bennett), whom will take any suggestion and find a way to use it to manipulate someone into working through his next nefarious plan. The adorably cute, and extremely intelligent Sqweep (Haley Tju), whose inventions are amazing but still pretty much designed by a child. A tiny pink, Asuran-like alien child. Also there is Sta’abi(Gillian Jacobs), a female alien warrior whose race is so proud that they get offended by just about anything. Sta-abi also has a pet, Vornicarn (Fred Tatasciore), and this critter loves to eat and eat.

Luigi’s Mansion

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luigis mashion
Sound:starstarstarblank starblank star 
Value:starstarstarstarhalf star 
Fun Factor:starstarstarstarstar 
Overall:starstarstarstarhalf star 

Luigi’s Mansion is the first Nintendo GameCube launch title and first Luigi game. This game is fun and addicting. This game is about how Luigi won a Mansion for free in the contest that he never entered. Things didn’t turn out right. The mansion was full of ghosts. In this game, Luigi’s job is to suck up all the ghosts in the mansion with his weapon, Poltergust 3000. It is a vacuum cleaner that suck up ghosts and clean the mansion up.

Professor E. Gadd will give it to Luigi to fight against the ghosts. He will also give a GAMEBOY Horror. GAMEBOY Horror is to see hidden ghosts that Luigi can’t flash to the light on the ghosts’ hearts. Also, the GAMEBOY Horror is a map as well. It shows which room is clear or not clear. The GAMEBOY Horror is the GAMEBOY Color. When you are playing this game, you will have find Mario. Mario is missing in the mansion. One of Princess Peach’s servant, Toad, came to the mansion and look for Mario as well. Princess Peach is worried about Mario’s disappearance. So, that is why , had to look for Mario. Toad is a save point. He will save your game and you will this game again one day.